Settle into a daily cleansing and skincare roytine is of great importance. Facial care and treatment are assential steps for a healthy, bright and soft skin. In this way,you will stop feeling the need to use “heavy” coverage makeup products to conceal severe skin imperfections and skin problems. This is for all ages and the sooner one understands it and adheres to it, the better the results are. Therefore, depending on your age, you should follow these skincare routine steps:

1. Cleanse and moisturize your face and eyes every morning

2. Start with your serum if you use one and then apply your face cream which, depending on your age, will be cleansing, moisturizing, firming. You should also use an eye cream since your 20s for prevention, hydration and tightening.

3. Apply sunscreen. Especially if you live in a very sunny country, you should put sunscreen on all year round to avoid premature aging and skin cancer. Then, you can do your makeup if you wish.

4.Wash your face and eyes thoroughly at night. Rinse them water and rub some cleanser to remove dirt and makeup. After washing it off, the skin is clean and ready to accept the beauty products.

5. Use fasial scrub fortnightly-or more often if your skin type is oily- and facial masks depending on your skin΄s needs.

6. Drink plenty of water, sleep 7 hours per night at least and work out. By doing these, you help your skin be refreshed, vitalized, hydrated and look healthy.

TIP: Consult your beautician about your facial cleansing ,your skincare ,your skin’s needs as weell as for the cosmetics you use. Prefer natural products since they are more quality and suitable for the skin. Regular use is what makes the difference.

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