We are Alexandra and Katerina, graduates of A-TEI Thessaloniki having 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetics and cosmetology.

Our story begins on a bench outside the school of Aesthetics and Cosmetology of A-TEI Thessaloniki 25 years ago, when we were both strangers among strangers and felt the need to approach each other. Since then, we have been inseparable.

From a casual meeting, we ended up being close friends, to close relations and now have become co-workers and partners in our company.

Having both worked in beauty centers for many years and as owners of our own centers now, we have created products beneficial to the skin, which contribute to its good health.

Our love for aesthetics and cosmetology as well as the continual personal work and research led to the creation of high-quality products and our vision, as we use active herbs, plants, essential oils and extracts.

As our products consist exclusively of high-quality natural ingredients, they can be applied even to the most sensitive skins.

Our knowledge and experience over 20 years enable us to provide you with cosmetic advice on the correct use and selection of the right products for you.

We hope to share our business with all of Greece and the rest of the world.

Feel free to contact us.

For a free trial of our products, you can visit the beauty center AENAON KALLOS in Giannitsa, 8, Pavlou Mela.

We are glad to meet you and take care of you.

Thank you for choosing AENAON KALLOS.