Exfoliation is one of the main things to do for our skincare.
Below, we try to sum up some of the main facts about
exfoliation in order to both understand how it works in general
and find out the way it works for us:

  1. Exfoliation or peeling cleans deeply our skins removing the dead skin cells
    from the face or the body. In this way, it provokes skin cells’ revitalization
    resulting to a healthier and shinier skin. The way we do it depends on our skin
  2. We can remove the dead skin cells from the epidermis in two ways: machinery
    or chemically.
  3. Machinery exfoliation is done by scrubbing the skin with grains. Those grains
    can come from olive seed, perlite, or be salt grains, sugar grains, jojoba grains
  4. Chemical exfoliation is done by using chemicals such as salicylic acid,
    enzymes, fruits’ acids. These chemicals can break the ion bindings of the
    keratin cells which, as a result, exfoliate.
  5. To improve the touch and look of our skins, it is important to wear the
    appropriate cosmetics and not least to remove the dead skin cells.
  6. Before we decide how we are going to exfoliate our skins, we should ask a
    specialist for advice -e.g., our beauticians-, because it is not always easy to
    know which ingredients are suitable for our skin types.
  7. When exfoliating the face, we should be careful with the eyes and use
    products with milder exfoliating effect. When exfoliating the body where the
    skin is stronger, we can scrub harder especially at the elbows and the heels.
  8. For the body, we can also use exfoliating soaps that help the skin look better
    and improve the cellulite as they provoke skin’s revitalization and hyperemia.
  9. Before using a product, we should try it by applying it on a skin area just in
    case the skin resists to it and if not then we can use it. There is an exfoliating
    product for every skin type.
  10. After exfoliation, we should always use moisturizing cream to hydrate the
    skin and restore its hydrolipidic layer faster.
    We hope you found this text useful!
    image: the blowup

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