Moisturizing antioxidant serum + DERMAROLLER 540 Needles 1,50 mm


24 hour moisturizing- antioxidant serum
For all skin types.

Skin properties: 
1.Protects cells from oxidative stress and BLUE radiation, 
2.Strengthens cell walls from free radical attacks 
3.It removes toxins from the cells before they wear out 
4.It offers anti-aging, antibacterial, soothing and anti-irritant properties. 
5.Creates a protective film on the surface of the skin reducing moisture loss 
6.Enhances moisture 
7.Reduces the number of wrinkles and their volume 
8.Increases firmness and elasticity

What are its effects on skin?
  •  Skin fattening
  • Increase of firming and elasticity of the skin
  • Removal of fine wrinkles and decrease of the deeper ones
  • Exfoliation
  •  Increase of collagen
  •  Removal of dyschromia
  • Improvement of acne scars
  •  Smoothness of stretch marks
  • Dealing with cellulite
  • Helping skin products to infiltrate up to 2000%


Moisturizing antioxidant serum. 30ml
Deep and 24-hour continuous hydration for ALL skin types A unique active serum that offers a continuous and deep hydration, a true ally that provides triple protection to the skin against dehydration, aging and blue light responsible for the digital aging of our skin.The active ingredient Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract is a microorganism that survives in extreme conditions 
thanks to its ability to produce substances with protective and regenerative properties. 
Rich in proteins and exopolysaccharides, it enhances the structural integrity and elasticity of the skin 
by strengthening the skin barrier. More info.

DERMAROLLER 540 Needles 1,50 mm

What is dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a purpose-built product with a handle that ends up to a splintery roll made from stainless steel or titanium.

Microneedling With Dermaroller

This is a very simple, safe, effective, and scant invasive therapeutic procedure during which a controlled skin perforation is happening. In this way, uncountable tiny invisible holes are opened. They are controlled minor injuries that do not harm the skin but motivate the healing mechanisms of the skin and the production of collagen and elastin. It can be used in all ages and it is suitable for all types of skin.


It is only for personal usage. Before and after using it, you must disinfect it with alcohol 70. Clean your face with a cleansing product you like, let it dry and apply your serum with the dermaroller. Better do this process 2 hours before sleeping. Roll the dermaroller on all your face 5-8 times vertically – horizontally – quincunx, without much pressure. Finally, apply your renaissance cream, your moisturizing cream, and your sunscreen in the mornings. After using it, always disinfect it with alcohol for 5-10 minutes inside its case.




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