Provitamin B5

Panthenol, provitamin B5 is the most widely used vitamin in the cosmetics industry as essential for the beauty of skin
 and hair. Once in the body, provitamin B5 is rapidly converted to vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), 
a key component of coenzyme A, which plays a key role in the repair mechanism of cells and tissues.
On the skin, recent studies have shown the healing and anti-inflammatory action of provitamin B5. 
It stimulates the synthesis of keratinocytes and the proliferation of fibroblasts, 
the cells that make up the epidermis and dermis, and therefore plays an important role in the skin repair process.
Skin treatment and rehabilitation: stimulates the proliferation of skin cells
Soothing: anti-inflammatory, soothes irritation, burning and itching
Moisturizing: reduced water loss and maintains the smoothness and elasticity of the skin


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