Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract

From the depths of the Arctic Ocean, touched by the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), emerges Arctalis, a marine active ingredient obtained by fermentation of a microorganism found at extreme conditions, in international waters near Greenland. This microorganism is able to survive in extreme conditions due to its ability to produce substances with protective and renewing properties. Being rich in proteins and exopolysaccharides, Arctalis reinforces the structural integrity and flexibility of the skin by boosting the epidermal cohesion and barrier function. It provides a 3 step protection of the skin acting against anti-aging, blue-light damage and skin dryness. Arctalis provides strong smoothing and firming effects. In addition, it restores skin’s hydration, enhances natural glow while also protecting  from digital aging/pollution caused by blue light. In vivo clinical tests performed on 26 Caucasian women (45-50 years old) applying a cream with 2% Arctalis on half face twice a day for 28 days showed :

• Up to 150% more moisture in 7 days

• Up to 67% decrease in crow’s feet wrinkle count in 7 days

• Up to 52% decrease in crow’s feet wrinkle volume in 7 days

• Up to 11% firmness increase in crow’s feet area in 1 month

• Up to 65% elasticity increase in crow’s feet area in 28 days


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