Rosa Clay Mask


Rosa Clay Mask

A natural clay with relieving and alleviating properties.

Package of 50gr 

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Rosa clay is a pink natural clay from Mediterranean with relieving and alleviating properties. Thanks to the combination of its trace elements, it decreases skin irritation while helping face relax and de-stress.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for stress-relieving therapies.

Rosa clay is particularly rich in Sodium and Potassium. Hence, it is gentle to skin and has a very soft feeling.

Compared to other clays, it does not absorb oiliness from the skin and can therefore be used on dry skins without any irritations.

It is a good alternative to pink and white clay as it gently cleans and exfoliates skin.

Use: Dissolve 1 full teaspoon of clay powder in water in order to create a watery paste. Apply it on clean face and keep it for almost 15 minutes. Please note that it should not become completely dry. Wash it off with plenty of water. Finally, apply your face cream. Repeat this once a week or once in a fortnight.


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