St Maries Milk Thistle Extract

Thistle is the Great Centauri, the magical plant that holds the Centaurus of Chiron, which, according to mythology, healed the trauma caused by Hercules.

The extract of its seeds hides precious active anti-aging ingredients and is particularly effective in treating skin inflammation, rosacea, psoriasis and especially acne.

The extract of the thistle seeds contains silymarin and silybin, two flavonoids with detoxifying and antioxidant activity (10 times more potent than vitamin E).

These substances protect the cell walls from free radical attacks and remove the toxins from the cells before they cause them to become damaged.

It is also rich in fatty acids, including linoleic acid, known for its contribution to metabolism and cell communication between cells.

Due to these properties, the extract enriches the synthesis of many products for deep cleansing and detoxification to provide glow to the skin.

Also, thanks to its protection from oxidative stress and UVB radiation, it finds its place in anti-aging and sunscreen creams – it enhances the action of sunscreen filters.



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