Urea is a natural component of the skin, a powerful hygroscopic substance,
 which is present in the upper layers of the skin and is produced by the body through the breakdown of skin proteins,
 but also an active ingredient, which is used as a supplement in cosmetics and dermatology. preparations with significant moisturizing, keratolytic and antibacterial activity.
Urea effectively moisturizes the skin, further improving its ability to attract and retain water in its cells and tissues. 
At the same time, it softens the skin and increases both its elasticity and its permeability to other active ingredients.
It is also known for its keratolytic ability, ie for its contribution to the removal of dead cells, while its antimicrobial action is important,
 as it reduces the growth of bacteria in the skin and in cosmetics and medicinal products, to which it is added. . Finally, thanks to its gentle exfoliating power and its very good tolerance by the skin, 
it is an optimal alternative to AHA fruit acids, in order to smooth the imperfections and give radiance to the damaged and tired skin. 
Ideal for dry, rough, dehydrated, atopic or scaly skin, acne and dark spots, as well as for dull or aged skin.




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