Skin is an organism and, as for every organism, there are
requirements to live and develop. Besides, you can maintain
nothing without feeding, nursing, or taking care of it. That is for
our relationships, our bodies, our skins, our souls!
Now, let’s get back to the skin topic and understand why taking
care of it is important. To maintain our skins healthy in the right
way and with the right products, we need to research and trust
the right people. The skin care should change depending on the
age, the skin type, the season and the duration of the day, in
order to fill the skin’s needs. There is a product we should always
wear and we have memories of wearing it since early childhood.
This is sunscreen and we are going to use it through senility.
We should wear sunscreen every day all day! This is the first fact,
the first truth we want to share with you through this article.
Many women and men use it only in summer. But is this right? Hm,
let’s think about it.
–Sun can become our best friend and our worst enemy.
Nothing is more harmful for the skin than the sun.
Too long UV exposure without protection is the No1 cause for skin
cancer, wrinkles (ciliary ageing), dehydration and age spots. Of
course, there is no need for terrifying ourselves. We should only
be up-to-date and follow the right self-care routine.
-It is important to wear sunscreen all year round and in summer,
we should apply it every 2 hours. This should be the only
difference in the use of it from season to season. We should
definitely have sunscreen in our necessaires all the time.
-It should have SPF30 or SPF50 to absorb up to 98% of UV. Of
course, we should prefer those that absorb both UVA & UVB and
natural filters as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
UVA is responsible for photo-ageing (wrinkles, spots), while UVB
is related to sunburn and melanoma.
-We should not forget to spread the sunscreen on all over our
bodies even on small areas as the nape or the instep.
-We should be generous as for how much sunscreen we put on
our skins for it to protect us. We should also apply it 20 minutes
before exposing ourselves to sun because its filters need time to
-We should use it even when we sit under an umbrella or in the
shade. That is because the beams of sunlight hit on the sand or
on other surfaces and are reflected. Furthermore, we should use
it even when the weather is cloudy as UV seeps through clouds.
-We should be careful about what sunscreen to apply to the face
especially if we have oily-acne skin. There are special, non-oily,
products that do not close pores.
-If a sunscreen contains moisturizing elements, antioxidants, and nursing elements, there is no need to apply a cream before it, as
it moistures, feeds and nurses the skin at the same time.
-If we use sunscreen everyday even in winter and reapply it during
the day, it will hardly be left over for the next year. In case some
product has remain and it is not harassed by the heat and the
sun -although close to impossible in summer- we can use it for 6-
12 months.

-We avoid sun exposure from 12.00 am to 16.00 pm.
-After swimming or sweating, we apply the sunscreen again even if
it is not 2 hours since the last time we did it.
All the above are sufficient, are valuable knowledge that we may
already have but forgot, omitted or neglected to consider.
Enjoy the sun, especially when you live in a very sunny country,
but remember the dangers lurking! Have a nice summer!

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